Thank you for taking time to visit my website. I have been in private practice for over twenty-five years offering therapy to individuals, couples, families and play therapy to children. My clinical work includes a Jungian orientation to therapy, which means I help you or your loved ones look for deeper meanings and patterns that may be affecting your life or their life choices.

At different times in our lives there can be deeper streams impacting us that may not be immediately understood. In adults, this can lead to anxiety, insomnia, addictions, restlessness, or depression. In children, misdirected behaviors often show up as mistaken goals. A child may need to relieve stress, but may choose to act out rather than understanding the need to self soothe. Learning to interact comfortably with peers and in school settings can be very challenging for some children. Busy parents, busy lives, and too much change too quickly can impact a child’s sense of well-being. Play therapy and Sandplay can address these issues.

In Jungian Psychology, hidden or unknown aspects may be related to unconscious actions. I work with you to bring those elements to conscious awareness inviting new vitality, energy and new choices to emerge. What emerges out of your personal work may be a surprise to both of us. I believe there is deep wisdom at work in each of us trying to offer support in ways we sometimes cannot immediately see or know.

At times therapy also offers consideration of extremely practical perspectives. Better rest and play can make a world of difference in our busy lives, and sometimes its just a question, like “Could you and your husband ever meet for breakfast after your kids are dropped off at school?”

I would like to support you in living a more full and balanced life. I am accepting new referrals for children, adults, and families. I am a certified Teaching Member of Sandplay Therapists of America. Look further into this website to learn more about Sandplay Therapy, and how it works.

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Individual Therapy

Setting a time aside weekly for therapy can become a refuge in your busy life. Allowing yourself time to reset your goals for living and remembering what is most important to you and those you care about are workable therapeutic objectives. For some, it is short term, very practical solution based therapy, and for others, a deeper, on-going therapeutic relationship allows time to heal past wounds. Either process can bring renewed satisfaction to your life.

Sandplay Therapy

Providing your child an environment for play therapy that is non-directive and non-judgmental offers new opportunities to forge stronger self-confidence, self esteem, and heal relationship bonds in the family. Adults who choose to use sandplay can be surprised at the outcome of creating a tray with many miniatures and symbols. Stories and memories arrive quite spontaneously with the creation of a sandplay, allowing a reframing of events or even helping to form a picture of future dreams.


Consultation expands and amplifies understanding of Sandplay Therapy and Jungian Psychology for professionals in the field. Set your appointments in one or two hour sessions by Skype, meeting requirements for certification in the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) and Sandplay Therapy of America (STA).

Learn about Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay Therapists of America defines sandplay therapy through interviews with STA/ISST certified teaching members, including Judy, in this 30 minute video.

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